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Understanding Diablo 3 Item Value Charts





This guide is for Rare items, but not Set or Legendary items. Set and Legendary items are often easier to appraise by searching for items with near the same stats rolled on the auction house. Finding the value of your first few rare items may take some time as you learn the charts, but soon you should only have to reference the charts for the min to max value range. You will probably memorize the synergy values for each class with little effort boosting you ahead of most Diablo 3 players for item value knowledge.

  • Stat Affixes are listed in alphabetical order

  • Synergy range is from 0 (lowest) to 5 (highest) - X indicates the class is irrelevant for that item type

  • Min Value is the minimum value of the stat that an item with an ilvl of 61-63 can roll

  • Main stats are marked with gems for easy reference

  • Use the small light red numbers to reference values across the chart without accidentally skipping a line

  • High synergy value(4-5) for 4 or more stats for a single class with most rolls above 50% = high value item

  • High value rolls (above 75%) for 3-4 high synergy stats for a single class = high value item

  • High synergy (4-5) of all stats for a single class with rolls above 75% = extremely valuable item


Step 1:

Choose the item type you wish to evaluate and click on that item type to view it's value chart.


Step 2:

Find each stat in the alphabetical list of possible stats for that item type. If you cannot find the stat, it may be part of a group of stats. Crowd control on hit abilities, single elemental resistances, and elemental damage types have been grouped to save space and time. Class specific skill modifier stats have not been included into the charts, so use your best judgment when valuing those stats. For example: if an item with great stats for a Wizard includes a skill modifier for a Barbarian, then the skill modifier adds no value to the item.


Step 3:

Note the synergy value for each class for each stat on your item. The class with the highest number of 4-5 synergy values would benefit most from that item. High synergy values in non-matching colors is irrelevant as you want as many stats as possible to be highly desirable to a single class.


Step 4:

Note how near the max value each stat your item has. Higher value matching synergy stats are most important when examining the max value.  For an item to be very valuable it should have 4 or more highly synergetic stats should also have values between the 75% and max value marks.


If any stat on your item has rolled a max value, then the item could still be valuable even if its synergy values are mediocre. Check the auction house for the same type of item that has rolled near maximum value of the same stat to gauge the value of your item.



Items that I have valued using this guide.

Coming Soon.




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